November 22

Botanical Gardens And Migration Museum

Botanical Gardens

So  on the 25th of September it was Monday. At the botanical gardens the bits that I hated was all of the MOZZIES!!!!!!!!!! I got 12 MOZZIE BITES.(It is so in annoying!!!!!) The other thing that was  really annoying was all of the magpies!!!!!! Now the bits I did like was the bottle tree and they was a big pinecone and it was a baby pinecone which was so weird. I also saw a leaf as big as my head. I mostly liked the bottle tree because it was filled with water. The pinecone was heavy and it was really big and the leaf was cool.

Migration Museum


November 22

Holiday Recount

The Best Holiday Ever!!!!

The best holiday ever has to be at wild  Imagination Land. I got to make potions and one of the girls drank some of it. One other girl said “Carly isn’t doing pretend very well.” I had a mud fight and I got covered in mud! I opened a shop and stole money( which is leaves.) That made me feel happy. It was a lot of fun. It made me feel happy because I made a friend and met my cousin’s friend.

On Friday my tooth fell out. I also had a sleep over at my cousin’s house. Their names are Monique and Alexis. We had fairy floss ice cream and chips(they was salt and vinegar) and the fairy floss and ice cream were so good too. We had the best time!!! We watched Matilda the movie and we had pancakes for breakfast. When they took me home I got five dollars from the tooth fairy. I felt so good and happy about that, also when Monique and Alexis’ mum said that I have great manners.

I got a manicure and a pedicure with my friend Maddie I got purple and orange purple on my feet and orange on my nails. After we were finished we went to a candy store. I got two fizzes and bublegum. I was so happy. I had a fizzer when I got home and had a sleep over with my God sister, Lara.

I went to see… Dairy of a wimmpy kid – The Long Hall. I saw it with my cousin Jack. We got pop corn and a frozen drink. I  loved the movie but I think  the Boss baby was better.

So, that was why it was the best holiday ever!!!!!

November 22

Friend Interview

Hi my name is Chelsea and I will be Interviewing Lana So hear we go.


1. Who is your favourite friend?

Natasha sorry Chelsea.

Why Natasha?

because she is funny, playful and she likes unicorns just like me.

2. what is your favourite song?

party in the U.S.A.

Why party in the U.S.A.

Because it is a very funky song.

3 Who is 


November 22

Sports Day

Sports day!

At sports day the whole school did the hoop relay and it was hard but also FUN! After the hoop relay we did running races I was versing Asha and Ella. I won good for me. Then I think we did all around the world? We did a lot of fun things on sports day. Green came last and blue won then yellow then red. 

November 22

Book Week

Book Week!!!!!!

We had so much fun when we did book week. On the 25th of August 2017 Friday we had the book week parade. I was dressed up as Miss Honey from Matilda and my friend Monique was Ella from Ella Diaries. We did a lot of fun activity’s. We made books, Mis C read us some book week books.

The books that she read was Fabish, Go Home Cheeky Animals, Out and The Patchwork Bike. Monique was amazing as Ella. On Wednesday we made book marks in music. 

My friend Sofia was Hanna from Goosebumps and my friend Ella was Mackenzie from Dork Diaries. We played games and that was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

My friend Lucy and Isabell were Matilda and it was really funny because I was there mum it was fun and hard. In our class Isabell and James got interviewed. James was dark vader and as I said Isabell was Matilda. My friend Natasha, Asha, Nakia and Tina went as the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.  Mis C went as Charlotte’s Web. ( and I don’t know that book but mis C looked funny with the spidder on her back.) 

Thank you for going onto my blog! I am very happy buy.

November 22

Nude Food

Do I Support Nude Food

YES… I support nude food because…

If you have a wrapper, you might be to lazy to put it in the bin. If you don’t have any rubbish then that will help the environment. What I mean by that is when you drop your rubbish the environment gets hurt. But if you do have a wrapper you can also leave it in your lunch box. With some lunch boxes it is a nude food one. If you drop plastic on the floor then you are really being mean to the environment and your school because then you have to do a whole school clean up.

 Your whole school might be mad at you for just littering and making other people have to clean it up even though they didn’t. Your mum and dad might have to come and talk to the teacher or worse the principal. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNNNN. So please don’t leave wrappers around the place.

This is why I support… 


November 22

My Favourite And Least Favourite Places At School

My Favourite And Least Favourite Places At School

My favourite place in school is the bottom yard. The bottom yard is my favourite place because it has a playground and 


And I am in LOVE with MONKEY BARS I can sit on them and that is why I LOVE the MONKEY BARS. We have nature play and I also love the nature play. We have a sandpit but I don’t like the sandpit.(you get to dirty and sand in your shoes.) You also get sand in your socks and it gets annoying. 


DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!  My least favourite place in school is the Middle yard. It is the middle yard because…  A lot of kids are always in there and you run into a lot of kids and then you have to go to the office. You also might want to use a certain area but then someone says you can’t and then you get really upset.

This has been my favourite and least favourite places in my school.

November 4

Should Our School Have A Uniform?

Should Our School Have A Uniform?

NO!!!!!!!!. We should not have a uniform because…

Firstly,  we would all look the same and then it would be really hard to look for your friends. If we don’t all have a uniform, then it would be really easy to find your friends. You can also get your uniform really dirty and you can stain it too. Also, kids that go to this school now might have gone to school in any clothes and now they come to a school with a uniform. (It might be weird for them.) 

Secondly, if you are wearing a uniform that can’t be washed and you get it dirty, then you get in a lot of trouble because you can’t wash it (but you can dry clean it.) To me, I think that uniforms are a bit too special. School uniforms also cost way too much money and your mum and dad might not be able to afford it. You might want to show your friends a cool new outfit but you can’t and that would be a bit annoying.

Last of all, the only time you can wear the clothes that you want to wear is causal day. Your mum might pick your clothes and you may not want to wear them, or it might be too hot or cold for them. If we can wear the clothes that we want to wear, it would be good so then your mum and dad don’t have to keep spending money for your uniforms. If you have sport and the girls wear a dress or skirt, then it isn’t fair for the girls.

This is why I think we shouldn’t wear uniforms.


October 24

Five Focus words

For 2017 our five focus words are love,justice, respect,gratitude and excellence. We have been learning about it for a looooong time.😀


Love, is to be kind and nice to all the people you meet and hug and kiss your mum and dad.😀


Respect, is a feeling you have towards someone of caring and of there feelings.😀


Justice, Is being fair to everybody. Treating everyone equally. It means respect for everyone.😀


Excellence, When someone says you did excellent on your blog you have down everything right.😀


Gratitude, We are all thankful that we are not like the stolen generation. That we have a bed to sleep on. That we have food to eat. Gratitude shows that we are thankful.😀

Thank you for reading, please comment on my post! 🙂